An Interview with Femke & Myrthe

What is your role at The Dylan?
Femke: We organize dinners, weddings, meetings, and all sorts of get-togethers. Whatever the event, we are here to make them as unique as possible.
Myrthe: Most of our job takes part prior to the day itself. Once the event starts, we hand over the responsibility to the operations. That is how both departments do what they’re good at.

So, could you tell us why you’re good at this job?
Myrthe: Well, ever since I studied Hotel School, I’ve always loved organizing projects. It’s amazing to create memorable experiences, while maintaining an ever-strong eye for detail.
Femke: I could only agree. I have done a few minors abroad that required strong organizational skills. We meet so many different people, which makes every day different. Of course, we also spent time on emails and phone calls. But we see guests such as wedding couples multiple times before the event. And for a reason because you only marry once. If all goes well…
Myrthe: Haha, indeed. We actually try to meet every event planner on the day itself, to ensure that we are all aligned. And on Thursdays, we have a ‘sheet-meeting’ with the operational departments to see where we can go that extra mile.

And how do you do that, going the extra mile?
Myrthe: We always ask as many questions as possible when a request comes in. And we also add value with details, such as a canal cruise. It’s all about thinking along with the guests. What is the reason they are visiting the hotel? What colours do they love? How many flowers would they like?
Femke: Our guests have quite a few options to choose from. We add to that our touch of personal service. We know for example all dietary wishes on forehand and combine this with the seating plan. That way, we avoid asking questions at the table such as ‘who is vegetarian’?

Is there any project or hot topic that you are working on now?
Myrthe: Tomorrow, the Dylan takes part in the first Dutch ‘Open Trouwlocatieroute’ (Open Wedding Location Route) of this year and we are working on a new way to make the day more interactive. We will have many couples visiting the hotel and this time we’d like to emphasize all the great partners we work with.
Femke: These partnerships show that we are more than just a location. We can really add value to a wedding.

So you organize quite a few weddings a year?
Myrthe: Yes, mainly in summer because then we can use the gorgeous inner garden. We organize everything from the ceremony, to the dinner and cocktail.
Femke: Some couples also buy out the entire hotel, including all rooms. Those are the biggest projects, due to all the details and external partners involved.

And how do you keep an overview of those big events?
Myrthe: We are both typical list makers. We are continuously adding, rescheduling and checking tasks. In our shared inbox, we use colours to label and organize our work. We also use standardized questionnaires to make sure that we do not miss a single piece of information.
Femke: We are quite attuned to each other. That is the advantage of such a small hotel. And we also started our jobs at approximately the same time, so I know Myrthe quite well by now.

What makes the Dylan different than other hotels?
Femke: It’s a small boutique hotel. That gives us that bit of flexibility and room for initiative. If I walk through the hotel and meet a guest in the hallway, I can also take their jackets, guide them to the restaurant or help them find their way in the city.
Myrthe: And we have a lot of history. It’s actually the asset our guests value the most. Some are even surprised to discover all the magic that hides behind our façade.

Which place, in particular, is most magical to you?
Femke: Vinkeles. And the most special meeting room is the Regents Room, with a view on the canal.
Myrthe: I also love the Loft Room, with its view on Amsterdam and the flagpole extending into the interior.

To end a bit personally, is there anything you cannot resist? Something that we can wake you up for at night?
Femke: Sushi, or a massive cheese platter!
Myrthe: I’m more into sweetness. In particular the macarons of Tout. We’re serving them at the event tomorrow. Such a shame I cannot be there…

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Festive Season

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