In the early 1600’s a doctor, named Samuel Coster, bought this plot of land, and a wooden building was constructed. As a man of letters, Doctor Coster was greatly interested in Dutch plays and poetry and he founded a theatre in the building, called the “Duytsche Academie”. To placate the church authorities, who disapproved of the immoral character of the theatre, it was decided to donate most of the profits to the city’s orphanages.

In 1632 the architect Jacob van Campen was commissioned to build a stone theatre. Monday, the 11th of May 1772, turned out to be a black day in Dutch history. During a performance, the building caught fire and completely burned down. In 1773 the site was sold to one of the Regents of the Roman Catholic Church charities, known as the Old & Poor People’s Office. This foundation retained ownership until 1998, when the building was completely renovated. It reopened as a luxury boutique hotel, in 1999.

“Many Dutch plays were performed in this theatre, as well as plays by writers such as Shakespeare, Moliere, Voltaire, and Corneille. On the 100th anniversary of the theatre, in the year 1737, it was Antonio Vivaldi himself who conducted the theatre’s orchestra. Many well-known guests visited the theatre, including the Prince of Orange, the King of Poland, the Russian Tsar, and the Elector of Brandenburg.”

“Over the centuries many famous people have visited our historical location and we are proud to continue welcoming them today.”

René Bornmann
General Manager

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