Amsterdam’s best kept secrets: Photo Spots

Amsterdam is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. When visiting Amsterdam you must have made photo’s of the canals, tall and gabled buildings and the colorful flowers. We have listed some photo spots in Amsterdam you should not miss!

Damrak Narrow Houses
The narrow houses of Damrak are world famous. Walk from the Central Station to Dam Square and you will find the Damrak Narrow Houses on your left hand. Did you know that these canal houses are narrow for the reason that back in the day you were charged taxes based on the size of the building’s exterior? The smaller the façade, the cheaper.

The city’s favorite park, Vondelpark, is truly beautiful during any time of the year. It is the city’s local hangout during the summer.

Canals / nine streets
You cannot leave the city without taking a picture of the iconic image of a bike perched on a bridge on the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht or Herengracht.

De Pijp
When you are in Amsterdam you should venture out of the city centre and explore new neighborhoods. Explore for example, De Pijp. De Pijp itself is a neighborhood that is seriously photogenic. In De Pijp you will find the Wall Gallery saying ‘Wake Me Up When I’m Famous’, which is too good to pass up a photo with.