Checking-in with Renee Holten!

Introduce yourself, who is our Front Office Manager? The stage is yours!

My name is Renee, originally from Holland but have been moving around the world ever since I can remember… Having the opportunity to live in different places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is where my passion for hospitality started. After finishing High School in Tucson, Arizona I moved back to the Netherlands to study hospitality. My studies also enabled me to do internships around the world, fuelling my passion to keep on traveling and exploring! Before moving back to the Netherlands to start my adventure at The Dylan, I’ve been living and working in Asia for over 8 years. I spent the last 5,5 years in Hong Kong, where I worked at The Upper House Hotel. This was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my career so far!

Hong Kong, how exciting! Tell us more!  

The Upper House Hotel challenged everything I had learned thus far and really took my hospitality career to the next level. Of course living and working in Hong Kong is very different as opposed to Amsterdam. The living conditions in Hong Kong are small, I lived in a tiny studio apartment on the 18th floor. To me, Hong Kong culture is defined as “Work Hard, Play Even Harder’’, the city is designed to keep you out and the work culture drives you to work longer hours, making a quiet night-in a rare occurrence. You are constantly on the move; this is simultaneously the most challenging but also the most unique about working in the city.

So how did you make the decision to move back to The Netherlands from Hong Kong?

In the last few years Hong Kong has gone through some drastic changes. That, and me wanting to really settle back into my roots of the Netherlands. I found The Dylan hotel and it had everything I was looking for to further my career and continue to challenge me.  

Talk us through a typical day at The Dylan for you..

There is no real typical day for me, it is always changing and that is what I love so much about being part of the Front Office team. Each day brings a new set of challenges and allows us to create memorable guest experience and great interactions. Most days start with a morning meeting and a visit to our Bar Brasserie OCCO. I like to have a chat with the breakfast team, to see which guests are awake and enjoying their morning coffee. No matter how busy, we always come together with the team and plan for the day. Although typically I don’t get everything done that I place on the my checklist…

And when you’re off duty, what do you like to do?

While I love to travel I also love being at home and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. On my days off you will usually find me with a glass of wine in my hand. I enjoy the sun and you can wake me up for a sunrise, as long as you bring coffee. I love animals and can’t wait to one day add a dog to my household!

If you had to choose one thing, what would be your favorite pick #insideTheDylan?

My favorite place #insidethedylan is Bar Brasserie OCCO in the mornings but especially in the evenings while standing at the end of the bar, with a good glass of wine in hand.

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