The Dylan X Stooker Specialty Coffee

With our unbeatable location on the prominent Keizersgracht, surrounded by the charm of the 9 Straatjes, The Dylan Amsterdam lives and breathes the Amsterdam spirit. That’s why we collaborate with local powerhouses to bring you the most authentic experience during your stay.

For this month’s Concierge’s Choice, we are introducing you to one of our culinary partners: Stooker Specialty Coffee. Our collaboration runs deep: You can encounter Stooker at several touch points at The Dylan. Read on below to discover what makes our collaborateurs an Amsterdam hotspot and why our cooperation is so unique.

Introducing: Stooker Specialty Coffee

Sweet, young, collaborative: This is the specialty coffee scene in Amsterdam. And no one captures the experience better than Stooker. The name comes from a building on Kastanjeplein, in which alcoholic beverages used to be stoked and where the Stooker HQ now sits. The same attention to craft and the desire to bring people together still remains.

Founded by coffee lovers and entrepreneurs Onno van Zanten and Florian Hessel, Stooker roasts and brews a wide selection of specialty coffees. They help entrepreneurs to serve specialty coffee and support them throughout the entire process, crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s: paying farmers proper prices, supplying cafe partners with consistent machines, training all baristas in their SCA certified academy and so much more.

“Everything we do is custom,” says Florian Hessel, “but it’s always with the same goal: To make sure the served cup of coffee is as good as it can possibly be.”

The best cup of coffee at The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam

Florian and Onno work with our Director of Operations Roel Ruijs and our Food & Beverage Manager Sam Hilkens to uphold that promise at Bar Brasserie OCCO and Restaurant Vinkeles, both located in The Dylan hotel.

“The coffee served at OCCO and Vinkeles at the moment is a single origin Brazilian coffee from the Minas Gerais region,” explains Florian. “We picked this one together with Roel and Sam, because it has loads of chocolate flavors and a full body. It’s a feel good coffee that works great with milk and is super consistent for the baristas to brew.”

This special Stooker brew is the perfect companion to the traditional Dutch custom of having a cookie alongside a coffee. And when visiting OCCO, this tradition is extra special: The cookie that is served with an espresso or cappuccino will elevate your coffee experience to the next level. “Sip on that cup, take a bite of the cookie and focus on the flavors for a second,” suggests Florian.” You’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

Quality coffee in a cosy Amsterdam hotspot

Though simple for some, coffee can also be a complex and highly versatile product. And that is what excites the teams at Stooker as well as at The Dylan. Ever the innovators, Florian and Onno believe that there is still lots to discover and to show and tell the guests at OCCO and Vinkeles.

“It’s a treat to be able to work together with people like Roel and Executive Chef Dennis Kuipers, who understand the diversity of the flavors that can be found in coffee and who are not afraid to try out different things,” enthuses Florian. “The whole hotel breathes quality, and that’s why we’re very proud to be a partner of The Dylan.”

Sample a delicious cup of Stooker Specialty Coffee during your breakfast, afternoon break or as an after-dinner treat while staying at The Dylan or dining at OCCO or Vinkeles. And visit their location at Kastanjeplein 2 in Amsterdam’s east end to pick up a bag of beans.

Portrait by Roel Ruijs.
Images of the roasters by Onno van Zanten.
Image of the Stooker Academy/HQ by Marten van Wijk.


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