Concierge’s Choice August: Summer Virtuosity

Amsterdam’s warmest month traditionally brings all the arts to a grinding halt. Some of us jump into the water, put our feet up or have a sweeping outdoor lunch. Meanwhile, true art aficionados are less ecstatic. In August, they just eagerly wait for the reopening of the theatres and September’s new exhibitions. But don’t worry culture enthusiasts; the arts are still alive. Even in August.

Micro Art
Beurs van Berlage
Beauty can be found in the smallest things, and in particular at the Micro Art exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage. Mykola Syadristy teams up with the talented Hasan Kale to display some of the most microscopic artworks. How about a golden rose in a hollowed-out human hair? Or the smallest windmill of the world? This stunning piece of art is only 1.8 millimetres big. The exposition has already enchanted large parts of the world and now logically exhibits in one of Europe’s smallest countries.

Prinsengracht Concert
The Prinsengracht concert is the city’s annual and most popular classical music spectacle. For once, the most acclaimed musicians make their way from their habitual concert halls to the heart of town. There they’ll perform different stunning pieces on a large pontoon, floating right on the Prinsengracht canal. And everything that doesn’t happen in a concert hall can happen at this outdoor event. The audience moors their boats close to the floating stage, reveal their picnics and, at the end of the concert, sings along with Amsterdam’s unofficial anthem.

Viva Frida Kahlo
Go Galerie
Many consider Frida Kahlo as one of the most outstanding female artists of the 20th century. Not only because of her eccentric life, tragedies or controversies, yet her surrealistic artworks still carry a deep meaning for many people around the globe. They are a true reflection of her personal life and Mexican roots. The Go Gallery exhibits paintings from 30 artists who honour the works and life of Frida Kahlo.

On and around Leidse Square and Museum Square
The Uitmarkt is Amsterdam’s annual start of the new cultural season. Various theatres, orchestras, museums and artists take the chance to present themselves on one of the stages throughout the city. Their purpose is to attract a larger audience during the year, yet it is also a great opportunity to discover a wide range of renowned Dutch performances. The traditional singalong at Museum Square with various musical songs of the new season marks the grand final of the event.

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