Concierge’s Choice: Sublime September

Now and then, we all want to rethink the world we’re living in. Don’t we? Whether it’s that stunning sculpture, dramatic painting or a striking piece of music, the arts serve as a lens to look at our lives from a different perspective. September is for those art aficionados who seek a fresh pair of eyes and a month full of quirky and cultural events.

Westergas, Klönneplein 1
Photography shines a light on everything we don’t see. Good photographers capture places, details and people that usually go unnoticed. They want to show us the remarkable, the unknown and the unseen. That is also how photography can give us insights into the theme of this year’s Unseen fair: “current and future issues and challenges of the world we live in”.

Fringe festival
Various locations
Some artists don’t live on the edge, they go right over it. Take the time to visit the Fringe Festival since each piece of art needs a deeper level of understanding. Or simply no understanding at all. Various artists take you to the fringes of reality, comfort and the possible. Fringe Amsterdam is inspired by similar festivals in Edinburgh, Adelaide, New York and Dublin and showcases a wide variety of theatre, comedy and dance.

Open Monuments Day
Various locations
The national open monuments day is a great reason to visit some of the most striking monuments of The Netherlands. Think of the impressive former bank and trade building ‘De Bazel’. Or visit the Royal Palace on Dam Square: without a doubt the most graceful star of all publicly accessible buildings. Whichever monument you decide to visit, each will give you a glimpse of the architect’s desire to build something more than just a functional construction.

Jordaan Festival
De Jordaan is a former working-class neighbourhood and famous for its characteristic folk music. Inhabitants of the Jordaan are a headstrong community and did not always fit in with the rest of the city. This quirky culture has been preserved in its music. The Jordaan festival celebrates the heritage of ‘Bolle Jan’, Johny Jordaan’ and ‘Tante Leen’ with a full program, including the scene’s celebrities such as ‘Peter Beense’ and ‘Dries Roelvink’.

Klassiek op het Amstelveld
Head over to Amstelveld for a completely different music style. Young talents will join famous musicians at the outdoor stage in the heart of town. By taking classical music outside the stately concert halls, we can listen to the most beautiful pieces from a whole different perspective.

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As a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World, The Dylan offers the opportunity joining Leaders Club, a remarkably uncommon loyalty program.


As a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World, The Dylan offers the opportunity joining Leaders Club, a remarkably uncommon loyalty program.

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Een dag bómvol inspiratie voor aanstaande.

16 april 2023

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