Dry January X The Dylan Amsterdam

Happy 2021! It’s that time of the year again in which we set our good intentions for the New Year. One might wish to visit the gym more often or consider drinking less for a while. That last one can be really hard, it is difficult to say no to a cocktail, especially in social situations with friends. But what if we can make life a bit easier?

At The Dylan Amsterdam we care about the well-being of our guests and we always strive to create memorable moments that last a lifetime. Even in Dry January we help guests create those moments, while you can still enjoy your favorite drinks but than in a healthy way!

Bar Brasserie OCCO has several non-alcoholic cocktails which will make Dry January a lot easier. Try our VIR”GIN”, a homemade non-alcoholic gin, served on the rocks with lime and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Do you prefer sweetness? Choose our “playtime” cocktail, with passionfruit, peach juice, ginger beer and agave. Your partner does not like cocktails? No worries, we serve non-alcoholic beers as well!

For the non-alcoholic cocktail menu or to make a reservation click here.