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Waking up right next to the idyllic Amsterdam canals. You enjoy your morning coffee, whereafter you (re)discover our beloved capital, as the locals do, by hopping on one of our Roetz bikes. Find your way to the famous Rijksmuseum, enjoy the views whilst crossing the Vondelpark, have lunch at that tiny little place and explore the hidden gems that our concierge has suggested you. Treat yourself to that well-deserved escape you’ve been longing for so long…

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Discover Amsterdam like a local

  • Overnight stay in a luxurious room or suite
  • Daily breakfast in Bar Brasserie OCCO
  • 2 bikes for one full day during your stay
  • Based on two guests


What are the best places to ride bike in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, a bicycle is a common means of transportation. There are plenty of great places to cycle to and our concierges are delighted to assist you in organizing your day trip. From a full itinerary or advising on the best gems in town.

Where can I rent a bike in Amsterdam?

There are tons of places  where you can rent a bicycle in Amsterdam, but when booking our ‘Discover Amsterdam Like A Local’ offer, the bicycles are on us..

Is riding a bike in Amsterdam safe?

Yes, riding a bike in Amsterdam is safe. However, you must abide traffic rules at all times.
This includes staying on the designated bicycle lanes, adhering the traffic lights and not riding on pavements or through shopping streets.

Do you need a helmet to ride a bike in Amsterdam

No, wearing a helmet is not required when riding a bike in Amsterdam.
What is required through, is a bell. Cycling without a (proper working) bell can be fined up to €35,-. But rest assured, our bikes are fully equipped.

Discover The Dylan Amsterdam

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