Celebrate International Cocktail Day with a true OCCO cocktail classic

You do need some time for this recipe, but it’s a real show-stopper. Great for parties, as you can prepare it in advance. Bartender’s secret: make it in larger batches and multiply the recipe as desired!

Ingredients (for 1 cocktail)

20 cc Islay whisky – we use Laphroig

20 cc lemon juice

10 cc white port

50 cc macadamia syrup

15 cc milk

5 cc cream


This is a clarification process where we use milk to clear liquids. The lemon juice clarifies the milk, resulting in a clear cocktail. Also, the clarification process actually preserves the batch.

Combine all of the ingredients, except for the dairy products, in a container and stirr well. Then, in a separate container, add the milk and cream. Slowly pour the first mix over the milk and cream. Very important: do NOT do this the other way around! Pour this mixture over a coffee filter in a larger container. This may take a few hours so it’s best to do this overnight.


Fill a tumbler glass with one extra large cube of clear ice. Take 100 cc of the prepared Suckerpunch-mix, and stir well for 15 seconds. Garnish with a sprig of nasturtium.

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