Telling the story with Max Dijkema

our creative Sales & Marketing Manager

Hi Max! Tell us a bit about yourself...

Hi there! I’m Max, Sales & Marketing Manager at The Dylan for a little over 1,5 years now. I joined the team quite in midst of the pandemic. Prior to that I worked for another LHW property in Amsterdam, De L’Europe, for six years. I was ready for a new challenge and when this opportunity arose, I just knew this would be a right fit for me…

Why did you think so?

Well, The Dylan has such an interesting story to it. Once opened as one of the first boutique hotels in Europe, done by the infamous Anouska Hempel, almost legendary. Evolving over time, the hotel has kept it exclusive image, yet offers such a welcoming and comforting experience for its guests, without too much finery. The Dylan really is different than other hotels, so personal and understated. This really matches with what I like personally.

So what does a Sales & Marketing Manager do?

My job is quite diverse actually, but I guess you could describe it as making sure that all communication of the hotel is streamlined. We are guardians of the brand really. My role encompasses many different principles such as (online) marketing, public relations, building relationships with our trusted partners, and many things more! So one day you’ll find me coordinating a photoshoot, the other day I’m reviewing the content of our website, and the other day I’ll be showing a travel agency partner around at the hotel.

Interesting! What do you like most about it?

The international environment. I really like to travel, they say it’s the only thing in the world that you can buy that makes you richer, right? This role offers me the opportunity to visit our clients internationally, telling our story to new partners and to meet people from all around the world, which I really enjoy doing.

I also very much like to engage in our local partnerships, some hidden gems in town and others being just so unique. Our neighbor at the back, Anouk Beerents for example. I can still remember I walked around the hotel during lunchtime and I had a first look inside her atelier. I was mind-blown by its beauty. Or Van Stapele, no explanation needed I guess. As a relatively small, boutique property in the middle of the 9-Streets, this really offers a true sense of place for our guests.

What do you like to do on the days that you’re not at the hotel?

I’m a big foodie, I really appreciate great food and a good glass. A stroll through the city and ending up trying that new restaurant in town is something I can enjoy very much. But also at home, I really love to cook. Making pasta from scratch or trying out a new recipe, especially together with some friends, is what I enjoy doing.

And what is your favorite place #insideTheDylan ?

That would have to be the view from suite #24. This magnificent Loft suite has these authentic windows that overlook our idyllic secluded garden, just so serene and unique.

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