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Who are you and how did you start the company?

Nose and Partners is a perfume house that focuses specifically on the development and distribution of interior perfumes. In its current form, Nose and Partners has been around for about six years now, although our journey started much earlier. As a team, we have always had the intrinsic motivation to let elements found in nature play a meaningful role in man-made environments. This ambition stems from the admiration we have for nature and every animal, plant or phenomenon that occurs on our planet. Also the fascination for the way man is able to shape the world around him plays an important role in what we do.

For us, the challenge is to create scents that complement interiors designed with care and dedication. Each of our fragrances is designed to bring the interior to life. If the interior has the intention to radiate intimacy, or is it just a bombastic decor, it is our job and conviction to create a scent that is an addition to any specific interior.

What makes the fragrances of Nose and Partners different from other fragrances?

We regularly choose ingredients that, due to their complexity in the sourcing and production process, even high-end skin perfumers prefer to avoid. By colleagues in the trade we are often declared crazy. Are we? Maybe a bit, at least for us rule number one, no concessions! When we believe that a certain ingredient is necessary to create a tone in a fragrance, we are obliged to add this ingredient to our stand. Recently we were convinced that given the customer’s background, the precious ingredient saffron could not be missing from the formula.

Not making concessions also means that we take the time to add a final version to our library. Most fragrances are ‘tweaked’ over and over again at least to a version that we as a team fully support.

How did the collaboration with The Dylan start?

Nose and Partners is always looking for partners where we can really add value to their concept. Partners who make an effort to create a specific setting in which they would like to receive their guests.

For us, The Dylan is an exemplary example of a hotel in which everything is right, including the perfect hospitality mix between restaurant and hotel. The attention that has been put into every detail makes The Dylan a desirable partner for us as well. It is therefore extra special that we have developed our own fragrance line in collaboration with The Dylan.

Why is scent important to a hotel?

A good hotel is characterized by the fact that neither cost nor effort is spared to offer guests the most comfortable stay possible, which leaves an impression on them. So is The Dylan, where love and attention has been put into every detail perceptible to the guest. The delicate bedding, the tactile experience from the chair in the lounge to the ornamental plasterwork in the ceiling, in everything is focused on providing an extraordinary experience for the guest.

When so much attention has been paid to the creation of the interior in which virtually every sense is stimulated, scent is a fairly logical addition. It is important to emphasize here that scent should only be an addition to the characteristics of an interior and never a means in itself. It is a subtle way to underline the values of the hotel or characteristics of the interior.

What is your favourite scent from the collection and why?

Let’s start by saying that the scent Green Tea & Fig that is spread in The Dylan is a very beautiful and pleasant scent. The ingredients next to the green tea and fig such as basil, cucumber and jasmine are responsible for the fresh but distinguished fragrance experience. Given the character of the hotel a very fine match.

When new fragrances are added to the library, this creates a lot of enthusiasm for everyone in our team. Last week we added the scent Mastic Tree & Pistacia to our collection. This scent ended up at number 1. Mastic Tree & Pistacia is characterized by the exceptionally green, nutty scent of the rare Greek mastic tree and fresh pine. The spicy notes of ginger and Sichuan pepper give the fragrance a modern character, while the warm tonka bean leaves you in a hint of elegance.

In short, I don’t really have a favourite, but any fragrance that gives an interior its ‘breath’, as far as I’m concerned, over and over again, is my favourite!

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Leaders Club

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Leaders Club

View from luxury boutique hotel, The Dylan Amsterdam. A view on the secluded garden.

As a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The Dylan offers the opportunity joining Leaders Club, a remarkably uncommon loyalty program. 

A view from one of the rooms in luxury boutique hotel The Dylan Amsterdam, member of the leading hotels of the world. View on the building and the secluded garden.
The leading hotels of the world. The Dylan Amsterdam is a member of this.

As a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World, The Dylan offers the opportunity joining Leaders Club, a remarkably uncommon loyalty program.

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