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A recommended “to do” for any guest visiting Amsterdam is a private boat tour with a traditional salon boat from Captain Nico. This knowledgeable captain will guide you along the canals of Amsterdam. We spoke with Nico and asked him about his opinion of the long standing collaboration between him and The Dylan Amsterdam.

In 2004 I started rebuilding and restoring ‘The Kleijn Amsterdam’. The Kleijn Amsterdam is an antique Dutch river launch from 1905, built by the shipyard ‘’Tans en Zonen’’, Rotterdam. In 2005 it was completely renovated, whilst retaining all the original features with present-day comfort and now sails on electric power.

In 2010 I started rebuilding and restoring ‘’The Muze’’ and was completed in 2011. The Muze is an antique Dutch river launch from 1913, built by the shipyard ‘’Rijnstroom’’ of F. Meijer & Co, Leiden. The Muze retained his original features with present-day comfort and since is also powered by electricity.

Having electric engines is good for the environment while it also increases comfort. You do not hear a thing, any vibration of glasses or shaking of the boat. That makes the difference.

The connection between me and The Dylan goes a long way back. I sailed as captain for another 5 star hotel and got to know Mr. Bornmann and Chef Dennis Kuipers very well. When Mr. Bornmann became General Manager of The Dylan and the Executive Chef became Dennis Kuipers, I was the first in line for the private boat tours of the hotel. We have a great relationship and we all know what we want. Quality, craftmanship and the same vision helps us understand each other. Personal relationships are the most valued. Two of my employees had worked at The Dylan before and now they are working at with me as captains and may still enjoy the hospitality that the hotel and we offer our mutual guests.

The classic salon boats are perfect for guests who enjoy privacy. We get a lot of famous people on board. They get noticed everywhere on the streets and would like to be around and have some private time. A great way ‘’out’’! We have got a lot of our own regular guests, but sailing for The Dylan is special, we have a real relationship. We feel at ease, you can count on each other, to fine-tune the wishes of the guests.

Obviously I have a lot of stories to tell of what we have been through with some guests. Once I was with a couple that were visiting Amsterdam. We sailed along The Dylan and they wanted to take a look inside. When they returned to the boat they asked me if I could get their suitcases at the other hotel, because they most definitely rather stay here at The Dylan.

People feel real at ease at the hotel and you can feel that. We give the same feeling to the guests, it fits seamlessly.

My colleague once experienced that the boat was only used as a taxi and storage room. The guests went shopping in the PC Hooftstraat and their staff brought their bought items to the boat. When they wanted to go to another store, they took the boat and went on.

I often get asked ‘’What do you do next to this?’’ as if it’s an on the side job, but this is a real craft.

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