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What really sets us apart is our service. High quality service isn’t something we have to explain to the team—at The Dylan it comes naturally. Come visit us and let the genuine service and attentiveness of the team embrace you.

René Bornmann

Director Dylan Hotel Group

“I am the link between what the owners aim to achieve, and operations. So what I do most is bridge building; I translate the owners planning into practical goals and I implement those goals into our work. Besides that, I am also there to protect and optimize the quality of our service. The owners put a lot of faith in us, and so we are sort of left to fend for ourselves, in a positive way. It’s a great way to work.”

Rene Bormann General Manager The Dylan Amsterdam
Director of Sales & Marketing Robbert van Rijsbergen The Dylan Amsterdam

Robbert van Rijsbergen

Hotel Manager

“Our personal approach and family feel set us apart from other hotels. If for example I walk out of the door here and I see a group of guests arriving with plenty of suitcases, my team and I are happy to help them with their luggage.”

Renee Holten

Front Office Manager
“There is no real typical day for me, it is always changing and that is what I love so much about being part of the Front Office team. Each day brings a new set of challenges and allows us to create memorable guest experience and great interactions.”
Front of House Manager The Dylan Amsterdam
Maître-Sommelier Natasja Noorlander The Dylan Amsterdam

Natasja Noorlander

Food and Beverage Manager

“When we have guests who are a bit intimidated by the wine list or by the wine-drinking experience, I always ask them what they like to drink. People know more than they think.”

Jurgen van der Zalm

Executive Chef – Restaurant Vinkeles

“I take care of everything that has to do with Vinkeles. You will find me in the kitchen five evenings a week. I am in charge of the team and I develop the dishes that go on our menu.”
Jurgen van der Zalm, Chef of 2 Michelin star Restaurant Vinkeles in The Dylan Amsterdam
Max Dijkema Sales & Marketing Manager The Dylan Amsterdam

Max Dijkema

Sales & Marketing Manager

“The Dylan has such an interesting story. Once opened as the almost legendary Blakes Amsterdam, now evolved to a Leading Hotel of The World where quiet luxury speaks. My job really is to tell this story in many different ways, both online and offline.”

Filip Hanlo

Chef at até

“From every country, every kitchen I worked in, I learned something new – not just in terms of cooking, but also about the cultural experience. My cooking philosophy is a mix of the three cultures that have most shaped my career, highlighting what inspired me most”
Filip Hanlo, chef at até at The Dylan Amsterdam
Director of Finance The Dylan Amsterdam

Esther Leijen

Director of Finance

“As my title specifies I am Director of Finance at The Dylan, which really is a supervisory and controlling role. I am in charge of all financial matters of the hotel, from coordinating audits to making financial statements to creating and monitoring budgets.”

Bart Kalfsterman

Sous-chef – Restaurant Vinkeles
“Part of my job is to be in charge of all sections, so I oversee the Chefs de Partie in their duties. Helping, teaching, checking and correcting as needed in all aspects of their work. From making their mise en place and helping throughout the service until the very last friandises leave the kitchen.”
Bart Kalfsterman, Sous Chef of Bar Brasserie OCCO en restaurant Vinkeles, in luxury boutique hotel The Dylan Amsterdam.
F&B manager The Dylan Amsterdam Sam Hilkens

Sam Hilkens

Director of Operations

“I have been working here as a full-timer for five years. But I started nine years ago with an internship at Vinkeles. Mostly I am responsible for all big events at The Dylan, so all private bookings. Besides that, I am in charge of our waiting staff. ”

Jasper van Amerongen

Sommelier – Restaurant Vinkeles

“Besides the fact that wine is part of my job, it is also one of my big passions. In the end hospitality is about giving people a great experience and a good time and I am able to combine that with something I really love to do. In combination with the trust and freedom I get from all my colleagues I really could not wish for a better job.”
Jasper van Amerongen, assistant sommelier at Restaurant Vinkeles, posing next to a set-up table at Michelin-starred Restaurant Vinkeles in luxury boutique hotel The Dylan Amsterdam, part of The Leading Hotels of The World
Chief engineer, luxury boutique hotel Amsterdam, The Dylan, Posing next to the chimney on the roof.

Niels Bonnes

Cluster Head of Technical Services

“I am responsible for the maintenance of the hotel in the most general sense of the word.
We enjoy a lot of freedom and are forced to use our brains and think out of the box. Our guests can feel that; you cannot fake that kind of commitment. That is how we manage to stand out.”

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Located in the heart of the 9-streets area on the prestigious “Keizersgracht” canal, The Dylan Amsterdam is the ideal home base as you discover the hidden treasures of Amsterdam’s past and present by foot or bike.

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