Meet the Team

May we introduce ourselves?

What really sets us apart is our service. High quality service isn’t something we have to explain to our staff—at The Dylan it comes naturally. Come visit us and let the genuine service and attentiveness of the team embrace you.

René Bornmann

General Manager

“I am the link between what the owners aim to achieve, and operations. So what I do most is bridge building; I translate the owners planning into practical goals and I implement those goals into our work. Besides that, I am also there to protect and optimize the quality of our service. The owners put a lot of faith in us, and so we are sort of left to fend for ourselves, in a positive way. It’s a great way to work.”

Chantal Heuwekemeijer

Front Office Manager

‘’I make sure to share what I hear. There is no use for being up to date if the information only stays with me. Communication is key here. It’s the only way to make sure we’re a few steps ahead of whatever goes on in the hotel. I kind of like to think of us as the heart of the hotel.’’

Alexandra de Brito

Housekeeping Manager

The lady of the house. “I care for the cleaning of public area’s and all the rooms. Our work is not only about cleaning; it is about leaving a good impression. This is our house, and that is a truly important feeling.”

Michael Wigman


‘’I am an extension of the reception. Reception does everything with respect to what happens within the hotel, and I take care of everything that is outside. You need to know your way about town and you need to know about what’s happening, what new restaurant has opened, where to shop, what to see, where to get the best massage. And I know everything and everyone.’’

Sam Hilkens

Assistant F&B Manager

“I have been working here as a full-timer for five years. But I started nine years ago with an internship at Vinkeles. Mostly I am responsible for all big events at The Dylan, so all private bookings. Besides that, I am in charge of our waiting staff. ”

Roel Ruijs

Director of Operations

“I’ve been with the hotel for ten years now, and there is a reason for that. There are only a few hotels that give you the creative freedom that I enjoy here. The Dylan Amsterdam has no head office, so we make a lot of the decisions ourselves.”

Niels Bonnes

Chief Engineer

“I am responsible for the maintenance of the hotel in the most general sense of the word.
We enjoy a lot of freedom and are forced to use our brains and think out of the box. Our guests can feel that; you cannot fake that kind of commitment. That is how we manage to stand out.”

Bas Averdijk

Restaurant Manager

“I am involved with everything concerning Restaurant Vinkeles. You may see me as the host. My purpose is to make sure that all of our guests have a pleasant evening. An important part of my work is to set an atmosphere in which all needs of our guests are met, while also deciding the tempo of our service.”

Dennis Kuipers

Executive Chef Vinkeles

‘’I can just stand there cooking and thinking: I love my job. But I do need the dynamics of both managing and being in the kitchen. Still – there is always a bit of a tension between those two. And also; who teaches you to be a manager? You often just become one.’’

Jurgen van der Zalm

Chef de Cuisine

“I’ve been with The Dylan for 11 years and I take care of everything that has to do with Vinkeles. I am in charge of the team and I develop the dishes that go on our menu. I discuss everything with Dennis, he has to approve of the dishes I come up with. Creating the menus and tasting the food is something we do together.”